Urban Warfare

Close Quarter Battle

In Israel, the war on terrorism has been a solvent issue for more than sixty years. Israeli Special Forces and antiterrorist units are regularly called upon to test their skills in combat. Conducting raids behind enemy lines has been the standard of operation for the Special Forces. From Lebanon to Uganda, Israeli operators had to learn to strike the enemy with surprise and precision.

This Urban Warfare program was developed based on extensive operational experience and hard learned lessons of the IDF and teaches effective tactical solutions to the most challenging assignments in the Low Intensity Conflict environment. Our training program provides the most direct and effective skills to quickly and safely dominate the close quarter battleground.

Unconventional Warfighter
(Operator Level)

• Sub-machine gun and automatic fire
• Handgun instinctive combat shooting
• Shotgun tactics and perimeter defense
• Patrol tactics and urban combat

Counter Terrorism (Team Level)

• Hostage rescue in the high density and mobile environments
• Border patrol – tracking and ambush/counter ambush
• Forward base perimeter defense and security