Our Anti Hijacking training course is based on the same effective methods developed by Israeli Air Marshals and used to successfully prevent hijacking of EL AL, Israel Airlines aircrafts over the past three decades. Following the Israeli model we train aircrew members how to manage aggressive behavior and how to survive a terrorist attack in the confined space of an aircraft. This course can be taught in multiple languages to commercial and private aviation air crews.  

The Two Days course curriculum teaches the following:

• Personal protection and weapon disarmament in confined spaces
• Effectively coordinated respond as a team to in-flight threats
• Evaluation of potential threatening passengers or activities
• Hijacker modes of operation and probable risk scenarios
• Methods of subduing and restraining unruly passengers
• Delaying and denying and unauthorized cockpit entry
• Recognition of concealed weapons and explosives
• Identification of hostile passengers and sleepers
• Defusing, de-escalating, and containing air rage
• Crisis communication and covert signaling