Tactical Patrol

Outlaws often attempt to escape justice by living off the grid and hiding outside the frame of society. Drug manufacturing and weapon smuggling often takes place in remote areas. Multiple law enforcement agencies share the responsibility of tracking fugitives. Officers need specific training to conduct search and seizure operations in the wild.

This course was developed based on the extensive operational experience accumulated by the Israeli Special Forces guarding borders against terrorist infiltrations before they could reach population centers. Special ambush/counter ambush tactics and innovative search and tracking methods were developed.

The course is designed to teach operators how to safely track and apprehend dangerous criminals hiding in the wilderness. After completion of classroom study, participants undergo a search and seizure simulation exercise. This filed simulation drills are organized in a realistic, non-stop format that allows participants to learn, first hand, what it takes to operate in small search teams. Members of Search and Rescue teams, Sheriff Deputies, Federal Marshals, Border Patrol and State Patrol Officer would benefit from this training course.

First Day – Planning & Preparation

• Mission support and logistics
• Fugitive profiling and description
• Aerial surveillance and direct observation
• Topographic maps and aerial photography
• Clothing, camouflage and weapon systems
• Search planning and patrol zone designation
• Operations command center and search control
• Atmospheric, vegetation and wildlife considerations
• Indoctrination to fugitive modes of operation (E&E)

Second Day – Movement & Field Craft

• Tracking and track dogs
• Concealment and stealth
• Landing zone preparation
• Field medicine and first aid
• Land to air signaling codes
• Decoys and diversion concepts
• Strategic use of field Illumination
• Forward base perimeter security
• Climbing, traversing and descending
• Navigation with and without compass

Third Day - Advanced Shooting (Live Fire)

• Fire Team tactics
• Low light shooting
• Cover and ballistics
• Weapons transition and retention
• Less than ideal shooting platforms
• Fields of fire and rules of engagement (ROE)
• Moving targets acquisition and shooting on the move

Fourth Day - Advanced Simulation (24 hours)

• Ambush and counter ambush
• Search patterns and patrol formation
• Booby trap recognition and avoidance
• Identification of fugitives and casualties
• Hideout approach and breaching tactics
• Coordinated, simultaneous, cross-sectional search