Night Vision Training

Cutting-edge training in the tactical use of night vision technology

The majority of officer involved shootings occur during the hours of darkness. Operators must be specifically equipped and trained to safely serve warrants and carry hostage rescue missions at night. This course provides advanced training in the tactical use of night vision and thermal imaging equipment. This training greatly enhances officer safety and provides a distinct advantage in close quarter confrontations in the low-light / no light environment. Students learn to safely operate enhanced vision devices while manipulating multiple weapon systems in a dynamic environment. The skills taught are compatible with the use of tactical illumination

The Two Days course curriculum teaches the following:

• Use of typical lighting conditions and dominating with light
• Stealth movement and visual control (while wearing NVG)
• Moving targets acquisition and shooting on the move
• The physiology and psychology of night operations
• Introduction to image intensification technologies
• Use of Night Vision devices and non-visible light
• Use of Thermal Imaging devices and tracking
• Target isolation and weapons identification
• Negligent discharge avoidance and safety
• Low-light shooting and tactical illumination
• Communication in low-light conditions
• Engaging multiple and moving targets
• Tactical reload and stoppage drills
• Weapon transition and retention