First Responder

Active shooters are a growing threat to public safety. Schools, malls, airports, stadiums, and other public places are at risk. Rapid intervention by the officers responding to the incident is crucial to the containment of this threat. The high-density environment is one of the most challenging environments in which an officer can be called upon to operate. Unknown structures, crowded lines of fire, panic stricken bystanders, and the possibility of suspects hiding within, make it a complex task.

Standard tactics used with barricaded suspects have failed when applied against heavily armed individuals bent on self-destruction. Responding to mass violence incidents requires specific preparation and advanced firearm training. This two-day course teaches how to gather field intelligence, orient and deploy to contain the Active Threat. The course teaches sound tactics for maneuvering through crowds in unfamiliar structures and the use of safe selective shooting techniques to engage and stop an Active Shooter.

First Day – Advanced Simulations (Force on Force)

• Open space crossing
• Approach and breaching tactics
• Expedient search and arrest tactics
• Field interrogation and tactical intelligence
• Identification of hostile pretenders in a crowd
• Incident orientation and command in progress
• Barricade shooting and expedient use of cover
• Expedient deployment and crisis team formation
• Rescue planning and time based tactical modeling

Second Day – Advanced Shooting (Live Fire)

• Fighting mindset
• Crowd penetration
• Movement and stealth
• Safe Selective Shooting
• Negligent discharge avoidance
• Shoot/no shoot decision making
• Weapon transition and retention
• Immediate threat concepts and target isolation
• Less than ideal and alternative shooting positions
• Moving targets acquisition and shooting on the move


Opinion: Freedom Press - (Grand Junction, Colorado)-