High Risk Warrants

Officers from many agencies conduct raids in search for fugitives and to seize contraband. To do so effectively officers must be specially trained to operate in coordination and with outmost precision. Planning and executing high risk warrants swiftly and safely is the focus of this course.

First Day – Advanced Simulations (Force on Force)

• Approach and Breaching
• Weapons transition and retention
• Tactical signaling and terminology
• Perimeter containment and security
• Building searches, cornering and clearing
• Expedient deployment and team formation
• Threat recognition and weapons perception
• Immediate threat concepts and target isolation
• Ballistic shield entry and expedient use of cover
• Dynamic room entry and room-extraction tactics

Second Day
– Advanced Shooting (Live Fire)

• Shoot/No shoot decision making
• Tactical reload and stoppage drills
• Immediate action drills and target isolation
• Negligent discharge avoidance and safety
• Instinctive aim and target alignment methods
• Ambidextrous shooting and one hand reloading
• Less than ideal and alternative shooting positions
• Moving targets acquisition and shooting on the move